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Home style

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Hiring Mylene

Bringing up a baby in the UAE is in many ways much easier than the UK. The weather is very predictable meaning no coats or layers. There’s a huge social network of other mamas and babas who are also looking for support. There’s plenty to do. Childcare is both more afordable as well as having more options. Breastfeeding is widely accepted and its easy to access support. 

However one major downfall and dilemma facing most parents is returning to work after the 60 days maternity with no extended family to help out with childcare needs. We explored the 2 main options available: a nursery or a nanny. There are lots of nurseries available, almost too many to choose from! They offer a wide range of curriculums and children seem to be well cared for. However many don’t open at times which work for the working parent. With that in mind we decided to hire Mylene. She is an absolute God send. She treats Jack with gentleness and love. She cares for him in such a sweet way. When Jack sleeps she helps out with whatever house work needs to be done. When jacks awake he gets one on one attention, she sings to him, takes him to the park, helps him explore this wonderful world. We are so grateful to have her as part of our family.

Shakespear’s & Co

Shakespeare’s & Co at the Central Souk is the perfect spot for a coffee date with your baby. We sat outside and watched the world go by as Jack munched on a delicious roll and I enjoyed my usual cafe latte. Definitely worth a visit…